What is Patchbeam?

Patchbeam is unique end-to-end service that lets software companies integrate patching into their own software solutions, without having to write any code at all. It is simple, convinient way to reduce your bandwith costs up to 20x and provide superior experience for customers. It is currently being tested in award winning PowerArchiver application.

Patchbeam in Action


Spotlight: PowerArchiver

PowerArchiver is compression utility that gets downloaded around 3,000,000 times per year, from ConeXware, Inc servers alone. It has won many awards, including coveted PC Magazine's Best Buy award. With PowerArchiver, we had standard update system which consisted of downloading latest installer from within customized interface - which is what 95% of software companies currently use.. With introduction of Patchbeam, we lowered our update costs by 20x on average and increased customer satisfaction with our 2 second updates.

Patchbeam in Silent mode



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